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How to run a timer on Mac OS?

There are many ways to start a new timer, you can choose the most convenient for you:

Method #1 - Main

Add a timer using the input field on the main application window.

  • To add a timer to interval use a combination of value & unit
    1h 10m 5s, 1.5hr, 8 hours, 10, 10min 5sec, 10 minutes, etc.
  • To add a timer to specific time use colon ':'
    20:00, 18:30:11, 06:30 PM, 11PM, etc.
  • To add a label to timer, add it after the value
    45m Task
  • You can choose the color on the left side of the input field or you can use color tags at the end #{Color Name}
    #red #blue #yellow #green #blue #magenta #white
    15m Break #red
  • Also, using tags, you can specify the direction of the count
    15m #countdown, 15m #countup
  • Using tags you can even set the sound of the timer
    15m #gong, 15m #forest, 15m #start:gong #run:forest #expire:bell
  • If you are using shortcuts, you can enter its name (without parameters).
    Task XL
  • You can add an intermediate signal by adding "|" (for one signal) or "/" (for repeated signals) after the timer value
    30m|10m - 30 minutes timer with intermediate signal 10 minutes after start
    1h|-5m - 1 hour timer with intermediate signal 5 minutes before expire
    18:00|-15m - timer to 18:00 with intermediate signal 15 minutes before expire
    1h/15m - 1 hour timer with intermediate signal every 15 minutes
    1h/3 - 1 hour timer with intermediate signal every 1/3 hour (20 minutes)
  • To combine a timers to scenaries use plus '+'
    25m Work + 5m Break
  • To add a repeating timer add 'repeat' at the end
    45m repeat 4 times (or shortened form 45m x4)
  • To loop a scenaries add 'loop' at the end and optional numbers of repeating
    25m Work + 5m Break loop 4 times
  • You can combine these methods
    15m Work x3 + 5m Break loop 4 times
Method #2 - Status Bar (quickly)

Click on icon in status bar and pull down a knob. Adjust the timer value by moving the knob down or up. The value is displayed in the panel near cursor and on app icon in dock. By default, the value is rounded to the nearest 5 minutes. To disable rounding, hold down command key. To select mode (interval or time) use alt key.

Method #3 - Context Menu
Mac OS Shortcuts for timer creation

You can open the context menu from the main window, the status bar and the app icon in dock. The menu contains popular values for timers and your shortcuts.

Method #4 - Shortcuts
Mac OS timer creation from context menu

In the preferences you can create shortcuts for the most used timers or scenarios and assign hot keys to them.

Method #5 - Spotlight & Deep Links

You can use the spotlight search bar to create or manage timers. Еnter the command after the scheme timer://

Create timer from spotlight search bar in Mac OS


These deeplinks can be used to integrate with other applications.

Method #6 - AppleScript

You can add timers using AppleScript

                tell application "Timer RH"
	               add timer "15m Break #green"
                end tell

You can find more information about timer scripts here>>>

Method #7 - Automator action

You can add timers using Automator action. The input field uses the same syntax as the main method

Add timer on MAC using Automator

Optional you can add the "Wait Timer" action

Method #8 - Shortcuts.app

You can create and control timers using Shortcuts.app. Or integrate Timer RH to yours Shortcuts

Add timer on MAC using Shortcats

You can find more information about Shortcats integration here>>>


Automatic start at login

Activate If you want to keep the app always at hand.

Show "Timers" window when the application activated.

Disable this option if you do not want to visible the window at startup and when the application is activated.

Hide dock icon

Activate If you want to free up space in the dock.

*If the icon remains in the recent apps section, then it can be removed using the context menu (App Icon -> Context Menu -> Option -> Remove from Dock.)

Remove Icon from Dock
Show countdown in status bar

Activate if you want to keep an eye on the remaining time.

Prevent switch to sleep mode when there are active timers

Activate if you don't want to miss any timer, even if there is no mac user activity.

Flash the time separators

Deactivate if you are annoyed by a blinking colon.

Show timer autocomplete panel

Autocompletion consists of your frequently used timers and shortcuts.

Automatically start the timer when creating

Deactivate if you want to manually start the timer after creation.

Automatically terminate the timer after expiration

Deactivate if you want to manually delete timers after expiration. For example, if you were not around during the signal.

Repeat alarm every '5' min until the timer is manually terminated

Activate if you want to repeat the signal after the timer expires. This option is available only if the previous option is disabled. You can select the repetition interval from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Show "Timers" window when the timer added

Activate this option if you need to see the timer immediately after adding.

Move "Timers" window to the front when the timer expires

Activate this option if you need to see the timer expiring. For example, if you added a label with a reminder.

5 seconds before

Activate this option if you want to see the countdown window in advance. For example, in order to turn off the sound signal.

Don't display empty "Timers" window over all (in pinned mode)

This setting allows you to control the order of the window if there are no active timers.

Show expiration time for ...

Deactivate if you don't want the expiration time under timer to be show. You can choose the type of timer for this option.

Automatically hide timer controls and expiration time

Activate this option if you want to display only the timer in the window and hide the controls and expiration time when not needed.

Continue to count time after timer expires

Activate this option if you want to display time after timer expires. Time will go forward.


You can configure the sound that will be played at start, at work and at expiry of the timer.


You can choose a melody from the list provided or add your own.


You can set the volume relative to the system volume.


You can limit or extend the signal duration. If this option is disabled then signal duration will be equal the melody duration.


Activate this option if you want to voice the timer label before playing the sound

System Volume

Activate this option if you want so that if the system volume is lower than the settuped level during the signal, then the application automatically raises the volume so that you do not miss your timer.

Do Not Disturb:

You can set the time interval during which the sound signal will never play.

Don't forget!

You can mute the sound from the main or context menu.

Notify when the timer expires

Activate if you want to receive push notifications when the timer expires

Additional notification 10 seconds before the timer expires

Activate if you want to receive additional push notifications before the timer expires. For example to turn off the sound signal if you don't need it now.

Show badge on app icon with the number of expired timers

Activate if you want to see a badge with the number of expired timers on the application icon in dock.


If you often create the same timers or scenarios, it will be useful for you to create shortcuts for them. You can set the parameters and assign hotkeys to quickly create concrete timers or scenarios.

Mac OS Shortcuts for timer creation

You can schedule daily recurring tasks. They will be automatically added to the timer list on the selected weekdays and time.

'Timer or Scenario' field is filled in the same way as on the main window.

In 'Add at' field you can select time at which the countdown starts. Accordingly, this value must be less than the expiration time of the timer.

Mac OS Shortcuts for timer creation

Note! If the time for adding has expired but the scheduled timer has not yet expired, then the timer will still be added, otherwise it will be ignored.


I'm trying to buy a PRO account, but something goes wrong. What could be the reason? What can be done?

There can be many reasons but the most popular reasons are:

  • Bad Internet connection
  • Incorrect payment information

Please try the following actions:

  • Check that you have a stable connection to the Internet and do not block access to the Mac App Store
  • Check that you have valid payment information, the card is not expired and the bank does not block your purchases
  • Try to restart your mac, sometimes mac app store service hangs and does not allow to make any purchases
  • Try to reinstall RH Timer
  • If nothing helps, email to me support@3bitlab.com
An error occurred during the purchase: "In-app purchase is not supported."?

In this case, you need to reinstall app. Delete AntiSleep and reinstall it from App Store again.

How to restore purchases?
  • Open "Account" window. App Status Bar Menu -> RH Timer -> Account
  • Click the button "⋮" in the upper right corner of the “Account” window and select the “Restore purchases” menu item.
  • Wait until the restore process is complete.
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