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How to start a timer from Shortcuts app?

  • Open Shortcuts App
  • Create a new shortcut or edit an existing one
  • On the right side of the window, under Apps, select Timer RH
  • Choose one from actions:
    • Timer
    • Alarm - Timer until a certain time
    • Stopwatch
    • Run Scenario - Running an existing script. You can create a scenario in Timer RH Preferences
    • Scenario by String - Creates and runs a scenario or a timer in the same way as on the main window of "Timer RH" in "Add Timer" field
  • In addition to the main parameter, you can set additional parameters such as label, color, direction. But they are not required
  • As a result of executing these action, you will receive a Timer ID. Which can be used to control the timer

How to manage a timer(s)?

Simple Commands
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Stop - Cancels a timer, alarm or stopwatch
  • Wait - Waiting for timer to complete or cancel

These commands must receive a "Timer ID" as input. "Timer ID" can be obtained when creating a timer or using the command "Top Timer"

Timer Commands

Pause, Stop and Wait commands return the duration of the timer

Universal Command

Run Command - Allows you to execute various commands for all, top or a specific timer(s)

  • Cancel
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Skip - Skip current phase for top composite scenario
  • Swap - Pauses the top timer and resumes the next timer
  • Toogle - Toggles timer(s) sate (Active/Paused)

Main window management

To control the window, use the "Timers Window" action. With this command you can:

  • Show timers window
  • Hide timers window
  • Full Screen mode for timers window

Need something else?

Any questions or suggestions send to my email: support@3bitlab.com

Thank you for using
RH Timer