AntiSleep Application Icon
  • One Click Activation
  • Prevent System Sleep when lid closed
  • Prevent Display Sleep
  • Prevent System Sleep
  • Manual Sleep
  • Manual Display Sleep
  • Manual Screensaver
  • Activation when plugging a power adapter
  • Activation when plugging a second display
  • Deactivation when there is insufficient battery charge
  • Deactivate by timer
  • Apple Script Support
  • Support OS X 10.10 - 10.13
Red Hot Timer Application Icon
  • Set the timer in one touch, just take and drag.
  • If you play games or watch a serials, you will have to escape in any case, because the timer is displayed on top of other windows, even if you're in full-screen mode.
  • You can choose a suitable sound for you or set your custom sound.
  • Countdown on the icon in the Dock so that you could always see the remaining time.
  • Full-screen mode for special events and board games.
  • Support OS X 10.9, 10.10

Color Palette from Image

Color Palette From Image
  • Generates a color palette from images.
  • Adjustment of numbers of colors.
  • Based on the quantization algorithm.
  • Gamma correction.
  • Saving for use in Color Panel.
  • Printing palettes.
  • Exporting palettes to Image, PDF or HTML documents.
  • Support "Adobe Swatch Exchange" (.ase) and "Adobe Color Swatch" (.aco) format for export palettes to Photoshop
  • Support OS X 10.9, 10.10

Color Palette Importer

Color Palette Importer Application Icon
This application will import palettes created for use in Adobe applications in palette that you can use in other applications (Preview, Pixelmator, Affinity, etc). Just drag a palette file (.aco .ase) in the application window and save the palette for use in Color Panel.
  • Support Adobe Color Swatch format (.aco)
  • Support Adobe Swatch Exchange format (.ase)
  • Support Color List format (.clr)
  • Support OS X 10.9, 10.10

Palette of Patterns Importer

Palette of Patterns Importer Application Icon
This tool allows you to create a palette of patterns that you can use in some external editor. Just drag a folder with patterns images to application window, edit the palette if necessary, and save it in the Color Panel.
  • Creates a palette of patterns
  • Preview mode
  • Editing palette
  • Save in the Color Panel
  • Support OS X 10.10

Color Name Detecor

Color Name Dtector Application Icon
Simple tool for detecting color names!
  • More than 3000 color names.
  • Retina ready color picker.
  • Keyboard controls.
  • Colors history.
  • Search by name or HEX of the color.
  • Support OS X 10.9 - 10.13, iOS 9 - 11.